Parand, Iran, Asia
Year1990latitude: 28° 43'
longitude: 56° 31'
Initiator(s)Parand New City Development Company (Land owner), Bank Maskan (Financing)
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Inhabitants280 (2002)
Target population80,000
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Literature- 'The planning and functioning of new towns in Iran', Keramatollah Ziari, Cities, Vol. 23, No. 6, p. 412–422, 2006

type of New Town: > scale of autonomy
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Overview of Parand, Iran
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Location of Parand, Iran

Project Outline
Parand New City 40,000–unit Housing Project, Iran’s largest, is being designed and built by Kayson in two phases on the basis of a memorandum of understanding Kayson has signed with Parand New City Development Company (land provider) and Bank Maskan (finance provider). Due to the topographical problems of the land allocated to the project, only 16080 units are being designed and built in the first phase and the remaining 23,920 will be constructed in the second phase. Kayson is also responsible for building the infrastructure as well as educational and cultural centers, health & medical clinics, sports and other facilities needed to create a relatively self-sufficient 40,000–unit residential township.

The Parand New City 40,000–unit housing complex is one of the world’s fastest and most cost-effective reinforced concrete industrial mass housing projects. The township is build via Kayson’s mass housing method, the “Cast-in-Situ Monolithic Reinforced Concrete Construction System”. Since all the structural elements (foundation, walls, and ceilings) of the system are load-bearing, the buildings are considerably lighter and provide excellent protection against earthquakes, progressive collapse, and windstorms.



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