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Results: Delft University of Technology. Studio Fall 2013 - Spring 2014

 Bang Fu
Greenway > pdf (40Mb)
Connecting a livable human settlement for migrant workers in rural-urban fringe area

 Jiping Peng
Inside-Out Transition > pdf (18Mb)
Urban villages transformation strategy in Shenzhen China

 Chen Wei
Public Space Reconfiguration > pdf (26Mb)
Promoting socio-spatial integration in the segregated neighbourhoods of Shenzhen

 Haotian Lin
Evolving Danwei Housing > pdf (13Mb)
An alternative way to develop former public housing in Shenzhen, China

 Jiayao Liu
Farming Guangming > pdf (47Mb)
Integrating agricultural landscape and new town development for the "Green City" Guangming in Shenzhen

 Saskia van Eijk
Gated Anonymity versus Undated Community > pdf (21Mb)
Overcoming social, functional and physical borders through strategic spatial planning in Baishizhou, China

For a summary of the studio, see: > Summary Studio Fall 2013 - Spring 2014

Haotian Lin - Evolving Danwei Housing