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International New Town Day

On the 30th of June 2016, INTI will organise the first International New Town Day. This is a one-day conference in Almere, collecting an astonishing range of New Towns from all over the world. Some are older and in the midst of transforming and reinventing themselves, others are presently on the drawing boards. In the light of unprecedented worldwide urbanisation, how can we do New Towns better? How can we share innovative practices and experience? What are the challenges and opportunities?

The International New Town Institute (INTI) is a nonprofit think-and-do-tank, committed to the improvement of the spatial quality of ‘New Towns’ worldwide: extremely young cities which have been built from scratch over the past few decades. Many of these cities have been built according to ideals which ruled during their period of construction, but are now facing problems which the first designers did not foresee. Where municipalities feel like they are losing grip on what they created, INTI thinks along and takes on the role of counselor, advisor, and the sustainer of an international knowledge platform.

With the interdisciplinary research program New New Towns running in China, Cuba, the Netherlands, Brazil, India, Ghana and Kenya, INTI has gained a wide field of expertise within the realm of New Towns.

During the International New Town Day, participants will engage with colleague urban planners, policy makers and mayors of New Towns from around the globe. What are the most stringent common challenges and the common goals? How does each individual New Town tackle its problems and how can other cities learn from their innovations? The occasions to discuss these common denominators have, up to now, been rather scarce. INTI provides New Towns worldwide with the chance to assemble and connect for the sake of a better living quality for all of them.
The participating cities of the New New Town program Shenzhen (China), Almere (The Netherlands), Nakuru (Nairobi, Kenya), Alamar (Havana, Cuba), Curitiba (Brazil) and Tema (Accra, Ghana) have already confirmed their presence. Also present will be: Vinge (Denmark), Aspern (Austria), Kribi (Cameroon), Sudair (Saudi Arabia), Ningo Pram Pram (Ghana), Spijkenisse (NL), Milton Keynes (UK), Tatu City (Kenya).

The goal of the International New Town Day is to connect representatives of new cities worldwide and create awareness of their shared challenges. Since planned communities have many things in common, it is only logical that they can learn from each other. Through the exchange of innovative knowledge and experiences, we will determine a shared agenda for the improvement of existing New Towns and the design of future cities.

In combination with various side events in both Amsterdam and Rotterdam, the Netherlands, the conference will serve as a preparatory session for the INTI side-event of the UN Habitat III conference in Quito, Ecuador, in October 2016. Both events will be focused on the establishment of the New Towns perspective for the Urban Agenda.
As the New Urban Agenda of 2016 will naturally transform over time as urgent topics evolve, the International New Town Day of 2016 will be the first of many. Every year, another New Town will host the event and new challenges and solutions can be brought forward, in order to be integrated in the international processes of policy-making.

INTI is the organisation that will facilitate this platform of knowledge exchange. If you are interested in participating, or if you would like to receive more information, please contact INTI via

Program conference 30 June
Program tours 28-29 June
Practical Information
City Profiles
Side event | Seminar on Sustainable planning of New Towns, July 1

The overall programme is available for download in pdf version here.

Practical Information
INTI will provide the program of the International New Town Day and the overall organization and transport of tours during the days before the actual conference. The entrance fee includes:
- The International New Town Day on June 30
- Side visits, lunches and transport to Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Almere on June 28 and June 29
- Dinner on June 29
- Seminar on Sustainable Planning of New Towns - in cooperation with Royal Haskoning DHV on July 1st.

- 125 euro for Dutch participants (non- INTImi members)
- 50 euro for Dutch participants (INTImi members) and participants who travel from other countries

This conference is part of the World Urban Campaign.