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Results: University of Amsterdam: Studio Spring 2015

Under the guidance of professor Arnold Reijndorp and Chingwen Yang, 14 master students in Social Sciences: Human Geography, Urban & Regional Planning and Sociology graduated on Shenzhen in the summer of 2015. All students conducted their fieldwork in Shenzhen from 21 March until 5 May 2015 and were based at the Shenzhen Center for Design.


- Chingwen Yang
PhD candidate in Urban Planning, Department of Human Geography, Planning and International Development Studies, University of Amsterdam
- Arnold Reijndorp
Professor of Socio-Economic and Spatial Development of new urban areas at the Centre for Urban Studies, University of Amsterdam; Han Lammers Chair, UvA


 Kristyna Vackova
Community art projects in Baishizhou
A debate about urban villages in Shenzhen through socially-engaged art
> pdf (5Mb)

 Jeltsje de Blauw
Invisible boundaries in the city
Which barriers are limiting the health care access of migrants in Shenzhen?
> pdf (4Mb)

 Tjerron Boxem
Public participation as a means for adaptation to extreme precipitation in light of climate change > pdf (2Mb)

 Auke Boomsma
Stakeholders learning, Shekou turning and one company’s earnings
The discovery of open planning processes in Shekou District, located in the Special Economic Zone of Shenzhen
> pdf (1Mb)

 Elmar Hanewald
Motivations of street entrepreneurs
A multiple case study in Shenzhen, China
> pdf (2Mb)

 Marten Reinstra
What sets them apart?
Parents of border-crosser students, Shenzhen
> pdf (1Mb)

 Dake Li
Self-organized group initiatives in Shenzhen’s urban parks
Impact on park environment and planning implications
> pdf (5Mb)

 Meriélen Goulart de Campos
Small-scale interventions as an approach to urban villages renewal in Shenzhen > pdf (6Mb)

 Daniël Gordon
Budding capitalism in a Chinese context
The study of young entrepreneurs in a capitalist experiment: Shenzhen
> pdf (2Mb)

 Emiel den Hollander
Keeping the knowledge inside the city
Preferences and viewpoints of creative industry workers regarding the housing market in Shenzhen
> pdf (2Mb)

 Tamsin Aufderheijde
The homemaking process of self-initiated expatriates living in Shenzhen > pdf (2Mb)

 Julius Blaisse
Growing up in Shenzhen
A qualitative study of place attachment in a rapidly changing environment
> pdf (1Mb)