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Curitiba, Brazil
source: IPPUC

Curitiba is the capital and largest city of the state of Paraná, Brazil. Officially founded in 1693 as a colonial settlement, it has grown into a city of 1,800,000 people. During the 1960’s and 1970’s, when its population increased rapidly, Curitiba adopted an overall city plan that proposed a radial structure for growth and functional centers around in the city. In that shape, Curitiba has developed into a city known worldwide for its innovative solutions on urban planning, sustainability and mobility. Curitiba combined land use, road network and public transportation with linear growth guidelines and created a system of integrated urban transportation by bus. The city also developed a network of urban green areas and public spaces, with preservation of cultural heritage, as well as clean environment and waste management initiatives.
As we speak, however, Curitiba is reaching the limits of sustainable growth: the city is expanding faster than the infrastructure can maintain, making (sustainable) mobility a substantial issue. The city aims to keep innovating in this scenario, searching for better and creative solutions, in an attempt to boost the flourish of a new city in the frame of the considerable metropolis it has become.

- In spite of the bus system, Curitiba still is a largely car-oriented city, where there is almost one vehicle/ inhabitant.
- As many big cities in Brazil, Curitiba faces socio-economic issues that impact on the quality of life of its citizens.

- The basis of a cohesive and well-functioning transportation system is already present.
- The systems of healthy food promotion and waste recycling are outstandingly well organized and intertwined with each other.
- The institutional framework existent in the city facilitates urban planning process and evolution.

- Luisiana Paganelli

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