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Zunyi, China

Zunyi, in northern Guizhou province, is situated between the provincial capital Guiyang to the south and Chongqing to the north. The city is surrounded by a pristine subtropical environment that is under threat of ongoing urban expansion. Zunyi metropolitan area has 6 million inhabitants and is along with Guiyang and Liupanshui, one of the most important cities of the province.

Zunyi Oasis New Town (21 square kilometer) is located 10km from Zunyi city proper, while the air and high-speed rail hubs that are under development offer great opportunities to connect the new town to the wider region. Through the proposed design the green coverage will increase by 7% compared to total buildable area in the regulatory plan. The multi-layered green network - including eco-corridors, waterways and parks - offer not only opportunities for recreation, but also provide an opportunity for water storage, water filtration, education, energy generation and increases the safety of the community. Special attention is also given to urban form and accessibility – appropriately scaling block sizes and creating a pedestrian-oriented environment – resulting in a vision to attract investors and developers and to create a liveable and sustainable community.

- Low accessibility by public transportation and roads, leaving the city isolated,
- Mono functional economy, mostly focussed on manufacturing,
- Natural surroundings under threat by urban expansion.

Ambitions and Opportunities:
- Abundant natural resources providing opportunities for recreation, water storage, education and attracting talent,
- New infrastructure development providing opportunities to elevate the city from a local player to a regional player,
- Providing training and job opportunities creating multifunctional high-tech and start-up industrial parks
- Attracting talent and investment to future proof Zunyi

- Maren Striker, Arcadis - CallisonRTKL

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