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Creative Gateway, Shenzhen, China

The areas Sungang and Qingshuihe form part of the Luohu district, one of the city centers of Shenzhen. Both have become outdated since the warehouse and storage facilities no longer fulfill contemporary needs. Despite the diminishing importance as a logistic center, rich urban life has established itself at its fringes and is gradually infiltrating the area. For the urban regeneration of the total 540 ha. site, KCAP does not propose a finite regeneration masterplan plan, but a framework for development. As part of the framework, a set of strategies establish the direction of development and resolve the most pressing issues.

The approach
The approach is based on the acceptance of the current urban condition as the point of departure. Instead of grand projects, the design introduces a series of measures and projects to be integrated into the existing fabric. With respect for the partly unused built environment, significant road and rail infrastructure, large open spaces and the topography of the site, the framework will continue the urban history of Shenzhen as the result of pragmatism succeeding over monumentality.

The plan defines, based on detailed typological studies, zones of different scales and transformation potential. In a separate study, economic networks are studied to identify new programs for the site which can be given a heightened profile, and subsequently a higher economic importance. In addition to design, creation, management and fashion sales, a new focus will be given to industrial and furniture design as well as media and film industry. This economic profile will be complemented by high quality housing and a series of public buildings. In its positioning, the area will not only play an important role as the extension of the Luohu district center, but also as a creative gateway to and from Hong Kong.

- Ute Schneider, Director Zurich Office KCAP, Switzerland

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