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Partners & Sponsors

INTI could have never organized the International New Town Day 2017 without the generosity of its partners, sponsors and INTImi members. We would like express our sincere thanks to all of them for their help, generosity and support.

INTImi members have access to INTI’s international network of professionals and scholars all over the world and are invited to join international conferences, lectures, network meetings, and excursions.

In case you are interested in joining the International New Town Day of 2017 and/or wish to become part of the INTImi network, please contact us via:

The INTD17 is organised with:
Sponsored by:
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and our INTImi:

INTD 2017
INTI/AoU Joint Programme
   Welcome Soirée 27 June
   Program conference 28 June
   MKTour & Reception June 29
   AoU Symposium June 30
   London Tour 1st July
Partners & Sponsors
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