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INTI/AoU Joint Programme

New Towns, New Cities: Places of Diversity and Innovation

The International New Town Institute and The Academy of Urbanism have come together to mark the 50th anniversary of Milton Keynes with a co-designed joint-program of events proposing a reflection on New Towns as places of diversity and innovation.

The three-day program is part of a wider CityFest taking place in Milton Keynes from June 26 to July 1st, and includes:

-  The International New Town Day Conference exploring the relation between migration and urban dynamics and looking at ‘New Towns as Cities of Comings and Goings’ (June 28),
- The Academy of Urbanism Symposium ‘New Towns: What’s Next? examining the way places respond to changing lifestyles and technological innovations (June 30)
-  A joint INTI/AoU day of city tours, discussions and an evening drinks reception during which participants will discover and understand the roots and soul of the 50-year-old Milton Keynes: its past, present and future (June 29)
-  The INTI London Tour exploring London-South from the perspective of migration and its relation to new town developments

New Towns as Cities of Comings and Goings:
Our cities are more and more becoming ‘Cities of Comings and Goings’ with a population that is not static, but growing and shrinking and increasingly mobile. Not only the refugee crisis has taught us this lesson, but also the increasing amount of international students, expats, economic migrants, asylum seekers and foreign workers. Migration has become a permanent force in our cities and (former) New Towns.

New Towns, by definition, have no ‘original’ inhabitants – every resident is a migrant. Some are housing newcomers and have become ‘Arrival Cities’, like Gellerup (Denmark) or Thamesmead (UK). Others, like Almere (NL) or Milton Keynes (UK), have become the preferred housing environment of a migrant middle class that has adopted the suburban lifestyle.
How can we understand and analyse the present New Towns, reflecting on their identity, culture and diversity as places where people have migrated to? How can New Towns better adjust and anticipate to the dynamics of migration?

The culture of New Towns is forward looking, with an emphasis on innovation and experiment, not only in technology but also social, cultural, political and financial innovation. This program of events will address future city concepts and how the pressure of migration, societal change, growth and expansion is urging us to reinvent and reimagine our cities.
More information about the INTD Programme > here

New Towns: What’s Next
Today, many of the discussions about cities are all about the impact of driverless cars and digital technologies. In a similar way the original plans for new towns such as Milton Keynes were responding to an imagined future of unlimited mobility afforded by mass car ownership. They are in many ways a built embodiment of the future as it was imagined 50 or so years ago. This raises interesting questions about the way we plan for the future:
- How do we plan for an unpredictable future?
- Is the way we plan for the future more a reaction to our current situation than it is to an objective projection of what is likely to happen?
- What are the likely responses to the current technological and societal trends in the way we think about and plan future cities?

In order to explore these questions the symposium will split into two sessions:
- Future Trends and Future City: An exploration of the trends currently affecting us, and how cities might change in response to these trends.
- Past Future Cities: An exploration of how these trends have affected city planning in the past.

More about the AoU Symposium > here

Bringing together an astonishing range of new cities’ representatives and experts from all over the world, the AoU/INTI joint event ‘New Towns, New Cities: Places of Diversity and Innovation’ will offer a platform for sharing experiences and best practices with UK, European and other international urban experts.

MK CityFest:
Milton Keynes CityFest is a celebration of city-making, a week long business and public engagement event, incorporating the International New Town Day and the Academy of Urbanism (AoU) Symposium.

You can download the full MK CityFest 2017 programme by clicking here(PDF).

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