Vinge, Denmark - INTI - International New Town Institute

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courtesy of EFFEKT + Henning Larsen Architects

Vinge, Denmark
Biodiversity, liveability and sustainability come together

A large New Town project in Denmark, Vinge, combines nature and technology, thereby creating homes in a liveable and sustainable environment.

Vinge is currently Denmark’s largest urban development project. Its goal is to build a town where nature and biodiversity can thrive. Hence, the city’s innovative ambition is to plan the city, the buildings, the roads and the various other activities around nature instead of changing the nature. This way the biodiversity, including distinct animals, are being protected. Smart Technology comes into play when monitoring energy consumption, rainfall, humidity and so forth, enabling the community to thrive for a sustainably lifestyle. In addition, technology serves as a tool to create a good social environment. Through various digital platforms the citizens can get in contact with each other and also become active in creating their future city by communicating their ideas and visions to the planners.

  • Innovative sustainable urban planning solution
  • Using Technology to include citizens in the planning and development of their city