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CAH 阿尔梅勒应用科学大学

CAH Vilentum, University of Applied Sciences is one of the leading universities in the Netherlands in the field of entrepreneurship. As far as we are concerned, it is not just about knowledge, it is also a question of developing yourself as an enterprising person. CAH Vilentum is a small university with approximately 1600 students (150 international students). The small-scale character of the university enables more personal contact. CAH Vilentum has a faculty in Dronten and one in Almere. Where Dronten educates professionals for their careers in the knowledge domains of agriculture, food, horticulture, agribusiness and animal science, Almere has a strong focus on making agriculture, food and nature contribute to city life. At present Almere hosts 2 careers: applied biology, and nature, economy and the living environment (other careers are soon to follow) and two Research Chairs.

The Chair ‘eco-effective entrepreneurship in urban environments’ is led by dr. ir. Gaston Remmers. The Chair ‘Nature, Health and Society’ is led by dr.ir Dinand Ekkel. Task of both Chairs is to conduct applied research, to build bridges between actors in research, education, practice and policy, and to enhance curricula development of Almere. The Chair ‘eco-effective entrepreneurship in urban environments’ builds on the Cradle to Cradle philosophy, and extends it with integral and evolutionary notions of (habitat) development. It develops three domains: urban farming, vital cities and innovative financing mechanisms. The Chair is co-founder of the Almere Development Centre on Urban Framing, a co-creative platform of multiple stakeholders with the goal to enhance city vitality through urban food and urban green.


CAH Vilentum 应用科学大学是荷兰企业领域的领衔大学之一。我们认为学校所要教授的不光是知识,同时也关于如何促进个人发展成为企业人才。CAH Vilentum 是一个小型的学校,拥有1600名学生(其中150名为国际学生)。这样的小型规模使更多的人际交往成为可能。CAH Vilentum 在多隆顿(Dronten)和阿尔梅勒各设有一个学院。多隆顿的教学重点主要是农业、食品、园艺、农业食品综合产业以及动物科学方面。阿尔梅勒学院的核心关注是如何使农业、食品及自然对城市生活产生积极影响。目前,阿尔梅勒方面主要开设两个专业方向:应用生物学方向和自然、经济及人居环境方向(不久将添加其它专业方向)和两个研究室。

“城市环境中的生态效应企业”研究室由Gaston Remmers博士领衔。“自然、健康和社会”研究室由Dinand Ekkel博士领衔。两个研究室的共同任务是开展应用性质的研究,为研究、教学、实践和政策制定人员之间搭建桥梁,目的是加强阿尔梅勒学院的课程发展。“城市环境中的生态效应企业”研究室以“从摇篮到摇篮”哲学思想为基础,利用完整和演变的人居环境理念将此哲学概念进行拓展。因此分化出三个研究领域:城市农作、活力城市以及创新性的金融机制。该研究室是阿尔梅勒城市农作发展中心的合作创办者。该中心的目标是为各种利益相关者提供一个共同创造的平台,通过城市食品和城市绿化加强城市活力。