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NODE stands for Nansha Original DEsign (or NO DEsign) and was established in 2004. It is a small and high quality architectural practice in the Pearl River Delta region, which grew out of a series of projects associated and completed with the Fok Foundation of Hong Kong, and has extended its practice geographically outward. Founded and led by Principal Architect, Doreen Heng LIU, NODE currently consists of 10 architects and designers from Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Spain and Germany, and has completed and is implementing architectural projects in China. For years, NODE, with Nansha as her local base and Hong Kong as her international window, also established a studio in Shenzhen in late 2009, has been conducting a diversity of architectural, art and design practices in the PRD region.

Nansha is a uniquely situated at the land and water interface of Pearl River. It is a transit node between the east and west banks of the river; to the north is Guangzhou and to the south is Hong Kong. In contrast with rapid urban development in the rest of China, Nansha has taken a relatively slower pace toward urbanization. NODE argues for participation and inclusion of local interests as well as those from external sources, focuses on the basics of architecture in order to maintain a critical position under the pressure of tremendous speed, quantity and size. NODE’s work makes a departure from the essential issues of building – site, program, space, materials and construction– and ventures into complexities of urbanism, nature, landscape, tradition and culture. With such concerns, we as well consistently seek multi-disciplinary collaborations. Besides architecture, our work also covers a range of projects from scale of furniture and lighting features to urban design. We actively participate in academic forums, art exhibitions and installation designs locally and globally.

NODE here is understood as the point in which different vectors – possibilities, tendencies, and events – intersect. It is neither a point of departure or of arrival. It is not a fixed entity. It is determined by ever-changing fluxes and dynamics. China is undergoing a great transitional period. The opportunities for architects are not only to design and build but also to contribute in the shaping of contemporary China. This is the ultimate challenge for NODE.


關於南沙原創建築工作室 (香港+廣州南沙+深圳)


南沙是一個特殊的地方。它既是珠江三角洲地理的幾何中心,亦是珠江出海口,東西兩岸的必經之路,以及廣州新版圖中最南端的地區-水陸交界處,隨著當下中國急速膨脹的城市化進程,南沙也正在以一個相對緩慢的速度逐漸完成由鄉村到城市的變遷,我們的建築創作正是在這種地理位置的確定性和自然、社會構架的邊緣性和不確定性並存的矛盾狀態中開始的,一方面,與時共進,積極參與;另一方面,在周邊地區乃至全國建設的巨大規模、數量和速度的壓力下努力保持冷靜和批判的立場。 我們堅持對建築基本問題的研究和發展,例如場地、空間、材料和建造;在這過程中尋找一種自律和清晰;同時亦在建築理念和使用等上探索其自身邏輯以及對跨領域的開放性和相容性,以此作為創作的出發點和平臺進而關注城市化進程中引發的都市、景觀、市政、歷史和文化等複雜問題和現象。我們的工作範圍,除了建築以及延伸的室內空間設計,還包括了小如傢俱、燈飾,大至城市設計,近年來特別關注在城市公共空間和公共文化項目方向的拓展;同時多年來也積極參與國際和區域文化和當代藝術活動,通過展覽空間和裝置藝術設計,嘗試有別於建築的不同領域的互動性,以保持我們在自身建築領域的前瞻性和實驗性。

NODE在這裏理解為不同方向的向量-各種可能、各種趨勢、各種事件-交匯的結點。它即不是起點, 也不是終點, 更不是一成不變的實體。它自始至終都處於動態和持續不斷的變化中。 作為獨立的建築實踐,南沙原創才剛剛起步,我們希望一如既往地保持著運動狀態中的興奮和熱情,投入到中國建造建築的“革命”熱潮中去。