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> Summary Studio Spring 2013

Chinese University of Hong Kong

The Other Shenzhen
Searching for Identity of Da Lang, Shenzhen

Behind the grand, glorious and glamorous side of Shenzhen, there is the other Shenzhen that we try to understand and accept: messy, chaotic and fragmented. Da Lang is a representative of The Other Shenzhen, not because of its absence of history, but because it thinks its own unique history has no value. Da Lang has tried very hard to be like others and has become a global village with no identity instead. The focus of this MArch studio at CUHK is to redefine a new and better identity for Da Lang through design. How to redefine a new and better identity for Da Lang? What does “new, better and different” imply and for “whom”? Urban design and architecture are used as tools to investigate the limits and capacities of the city, to explore new social and cultural relations and to search for a morphological expression of a social innovative system for the not-so-far future of Da Lang.

 CHEUNG Yuen Ching Angus
 CHOI Shing Hei Vincent
 SHUM Winnie Wing Lay
 TSANG Cheuk Man Kathleen
 WANG Xin feng Ethan

Doreen Liu: Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Architecture, Chinese University of Hong Kong