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The Faculty of Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences at Delft University of Technology has four departments: Architecture, Urbanism, Building Technology and Real Estate & Housing.

Urbanism is the academic discipline that is concerned with understanding the spatial organization and dynamics of urban areas; and with comparing, evaluating and inventing new ways to maintain the balance between public and private, the built and the unbuilt, and local and global perspectives. Urbanism underpins practical action to shape the urban environment in a sustainable way.

The department of Urbanism in the Faculty of Architecture at Delft University of Technology was established in 1948 and since then has contributed to academic knowledge of the urban environment and design and planning interventions. It provides education for reflective professional practice. The Department aims to maintain its leading position, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

The strong tradition of urbanism in the urbanized delta of the Netherlands presents special opportunities for contributing to knowledge and education. The multidisciplinary approach in Dutch urbanism integrates urban design and landscape architecture with technical engineering and spatial planning. Further development building on this experience is needed to address the great challenges of sustainable development: the effects of climate change in delta areas, mobility and connectivity in metropolitan regions, transformation of brownfields, revitalizing post-war neighborhoods, and the making of high quality public space.

The department is committed to an international perspective, sharing expertise, research and education with partners in other countries. Our strong networks at the European and global levels will continue to be an important means for developing and disseminating knowledge.