Tamansourt, Morocco, Africa
Year2005latitude: 31° 45'
longitude: -8° 6'
Initiator(s)Al Omrane
Planning organizationPCA International
Nationality initiator(s)Moroccan, French, Italian
Designer(s) / Architect(s)
Design organizationOUALALOU + CHOI PCA International
Inhabitants60,000 (2016)
Target population400,000
Town website
Town related linkshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OongAXgtb6w
http://www.archimedia.ma/avis-paroles-dexperts/architecture-et-patrimoine-/ 1411-madinate-azzahra

type of New Town: > scale of autonomy
New Town
Company Town
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Private Corporation
Public Corporation
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source: http://www.bladi.net/vill es-tamesna-tamansourt.htm l

source: http://www.bladi.net/vill es-tamesna-tamansourt.htm l

source: http://www.bladi.net/vill es-tamesna-tamansourt.htm l

Tamansourt is a new Moroccan city located in the prefecture of Marrakech. It depends on the rural commune of Harbil. This city was founded in 2005, under the patronage of King Mohammed VI, in order to prevent Marrakech from overpopulating and congestion. It was planned to house a population of 400.000 people and so far it has reached the number of 50.000 inhabitants.

Tamansourt is part of a larger national New Town building program launched in 2004. Fifteen New Towns were planned, of which four have been (partially) constructed. The developer responsible for the New Town, Al-Omrane, cited two main goals: the creation of a low-density, green city with pedestrian and bicycle circulation priorities, and the realisation of a successful social mix among residents. At the level of the urban block, the project proposes to op the heart of traditionally closed city blocks in the past and thus opens cores onto a wide 'rambla' that crosses the city centre and connects to the wide park at the city's edge. The urban composition is articulated around islands crossed whose depth generates privileged public space while integrating a variety of programs. This development of mixed islets develops a game of density and morphology while offering ample ambulatory spaces and a visual porosity on the scale of the city.

The new Casablanca-Agadir highway directly connects Tamansourt to Marrakesh, shortening commute times to about 15 minutes. That proximity is largely responsible for Tamansourt's self-imposed nickname: cité-dortoir (dormitory city). Social and affordable housing make up the majority of Tamansourt, but inadequate job opportunities and urban amenities, as well as limited public transport links (one bus line to Marrakesh), are already causing the New Town some growing pains.

source: http://www.archimedia.ma/avis-paroles-dexperts/architecture-et-patrimoine-/1411-madinate-azzahra

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