Agadir, Morocco, Africa
Year1960latitude: 30° 25'
longitude: -9° 35'
Planning organization
Nationality initiator(s)
Designer(s) / Architect(s)Pierre Mas
Mourad Ben Embarek
Claude Beurret
Design organizationMas, Pierre (n.d.), Ben Embarek, Mourad (n.d.), Beurret, Claude (n.d.), Ichter, J. P. (n.d.), Riou,
Inhabitants609,000 (2004)
Target population54,000
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Literature- 'Outre-Mer, Architectures Françaises', M. Culot, J-M. Thiveaud (ed), 1992 Liège, pp. 146-167

type of New Town: > scale of autonomy
New Town
Company Town
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Private Corporation
Public Corporation
> policy
For many visitors, Agadir is too modern. For others, it is a functional, open and beautiful change from the more typical cities found all around Morocco: where vinding streets lead you past Arabic houses which sometimes thrive in luxury and somtimes scream out for repair. There is a simple explanation to the differentness of Agadir. After the earth quake of 1961, the idea was that the newly independent country (since 1956) should prove that it belonged to the Western world just as much as the African and Muslim world - just like what had been the case through most of Morocco's history. Styles were mixed for the new city, and the hottest of European ideas of the functional city was implemented.

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