Alkmaar, Netherlands, Europe
Year1972latitude: 52° 37'
longitude: 4° 45'
Initiator(s)Willem II van Holland
Planning organizationDutch Government
Nationality initiator(s)Netherlands
Designer(s) / Architect(s)
Design organization
Inhabitants94 (2008)
Target population
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type of New Town: > scale of autonomy
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source: Rechten ?«¨© Universiteit van Amsterdam Kaartenzaal. Vervaardiger(s) Cornelius Drebbel Inhoudsdatering 1597


Map of the city of Alkmaar in 1974. To see in full size follow the link.

In 1972 the government decided that Alkmaar should be part of a 'growth core'. Alkmaar was founded to be an overflowing overloop of the area Amsterdam.

The earliest mention of the name Alkmaar in the eighth century as a site of missionary work of Willibrord and Adalbert. In the 10th century Alkmaar was a fishing village.
As the village grew into a town, it was granted city rights in 1254 by Willem II of Holland. The purpose back than was mainly a border establishment and a base for combatants of the battle against the 'Westfriezen'.
In 1573 the city successfully withstood a siege by Spanish forces under the leadership of Fernando √Ālvarez de Toledo, 3rd Duke of Alba. Alkmaar was the first city in the Netherlands to be freed from the Spanish occupation.
The oldest part of Alkmaar lies on an ancient sand bank that afforded some protection from the sea during medieval times. Even so, it is only a couple of metres above the surrounding region, which consists of some of the oldest polders in existence.

Alkmaar is a municipality with City rights in the province Noord-Holland in The Netherlands. The municipality lies in the cooperation region Kennemerland, and partly West-Friesland. The cooperation region Kennemerland is split up in 2 sections, namely North-and South Kennemerland. Alkmaar, along with eight municipalities (Bergen, Castricum, Graft-De Rijp, Heehugowaard, Heiloo, Langedijk and Schermer) represents North Kennemerland.

Alkmaar, with its typical ancient canals, cafes, restaurants and shops has a pleasant atmosphere. It is widely known for its many monuments, courtyards and remarkable places. The cheesemarket in Alkmaar is also a well visited attraction. The city has many canals with houses from the 16th to the 19th century.


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