Houten, Netherlands, Europe
Year1962latitude: 52° 1'
longitude: 5° 10'
Planning organizationDerks stedebouw, TLU landschapsarchitetecten
Nationality initiator(s)Netherlands
Designer(s) / Architect(s)
Design organization
Inhabitants50,000 (2020)
Target population
Town websitehttp://www.houten.nl
Town related linkshttp://www.historischhouten.nl/
Literature- A. Reijndorp, Like Bijlsma, Ivan Nio. Atlas Nieuwe Steden. De verstedelijking van de groeikernen, Haarlem/Rotterdam: trancity*valiz, 2012.
- Faludi, A. en A.J. van der Valk, De groeikernen als hoekstenen van de Nederlandse ruimtelijke planningsdoctrine, Assen/Maastricht: Van Gorcum, 1990.
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type of New Town: > scale of autonomy
New Town
Company Town
> client
Private Corporation
Public Corporation
> policy

source: http://www.kuijsten.de/atlas/ut/houten.html

source: Grote Topografische Atlas van Nederland


Houten is located south of the city of Utrecht and has 46.479 inhabitants. The city of Houten founded on January 1st, 1962. It covers a total area of 5906 acers.

Houten has the shape of a butterfly along the railway line Utrecht-Den Bosch. Between the cityring and the neighborhoods is a shore to prevent noise pollution. Every residential area has its own atmosphere. There is much variety in form and architecture of the homes. Houten has predominantly low buildings. There is much green and there are beautiful ponds. The city is a real quiet place where residents can enjoy there lifes and find relaxation.
Houten makes much use of its history: the archaeological excavations and the interesting historical buildings have been given a place among the new neighbourhoods. The historic heart of old Houten, the old town, is preserved. That makes Houten a fascinating place: a new city with roots in the distant past.


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