Etten-Leur, Netherlands, Europe
Year1968latitude: 51° 34'
longitude: 4° 40'
Initiator(s)Jan Uten Houte
Planning organization
Nationality initiator(s)
Designer(s) / Architect(s)
Design organization
Inhabitants43,000 (2019)
Target population
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Etten-Leur is in the middle of the West Brabant country. Surrounded by green environs and growing industriousness, the nearly 40,000 citizens of Etten-Leur live pleasantly in the varied residential areas. Both the citizens as the visitors of this typically Brabant town profit from the excellent accessibility. Etten-Leur is situated immediately near the A58 motorway, offering good connections in the province of Brabant and to the province of Zealand. The A16 motorway, which connects the Randstad with Belgium, is also within a stone's throw.
It is not only possible to quickly reach your destination in Etten-Leur by car, but by train and bus as well. And Etten-Leur knows many destinations: ranging from the spacious residential areas to the attractive shopping districts and from the large business park Vosdonk to the many recreational facilities.

High-quality facilities
Etten-Leur is especially popular with its own citizens and with the regional population because of its many high-quality facilities. There is a large number of schools, training, and courses for all ages. Nearly every possibility in the field of music, arts, sports and leisure is to be found here. You can spend your free time in a fun and useful way in the many accommodations, either individually or in club life. Health care for young and old has also been properly arranged in Etten-Leur. You do not have to leave Etten-Leur for a convivial night out. The hospitable restaurants and cafes, and for example the theatre programme in the cultural centre De Nobelaer, will guarantee this. You can do your daily shopping and other purchases in the many local stores. You will find the largest concentration of stores under one roof in the heart of Etten-Leur.

The place to be
Stagnation means decline, as the saying goes. This is why Etten-Leur continues to work on an even nicer exterior, in which familiarity is at the centre. Well considered and new architecture, as well as preserving that which is worth preserving, will remain the starting point here. By building a new and enervating centre, a compact, complete and comfortable city heart is created in which everything links up perfectly. Shops, houses, facilities, places of entertainment, a bus station and an expansion of the existing city hall clearly put Etten-Leur on the map as the place to be.

Room for recreation
With the slogan "Relaxing Etten-Leur", the town shows its recreational side. The museums, monumental buildings, windmills, memorials, and galleries are definitely worth a visit. There is natural beauty in abundance in and near Etten-Leur. You can walk or cycle as day tripper in, for example, De Pannenhoef, Haagesedijk and the Liesbos. Those spending their leisure time on the water will also come into their own. In the North of Etten-Leur, the rustic old peat route "Leurse Haven" can be found, along with the yacht-basin and transient places which are situated there. The nature- and recreation lake "Westpolderplas" offers room for water fun. You can spend a splendid day at the swimming pool of SportCentrum De Banakker in the heart of the municipality.
This centre furthermore hosts a small skating rink during the autumn and winter. Children can also enjoy themselves at the large playground and children's farm in Etten-Leur. Shopping, having a good time in one of the restaurants or cafes or visiting a theatre show also belong to the possibilities. And should you decide to stay in Etten-Leur for a longer period of time, there are excellent facilities for spending the night in for example hotels and at the farm camping sites.

Together in enterprise
The modern business park Vosdonk near the A58 motor way offers room to nearly 400 companies. A few of the well represented sectors are: metallurgical industry, machine production, transport, wholesale trade and the building industry. About 9,000 people from Etten-Leur and environs work at Vosdonk. The business park therefore has an important regional employment function. Companies like Heineken, Black&Decker, Isover, Road Air and Thetford have found their niche here. There are also new possibilities for companies to establish themselves at the business parks Vosdonk-West and Attelaken. There is office space available for companies at Etten-Leur's east gate. The business community can count on expert and efficient support by the city.
The close collaboration with the business community is one of Etten-Leur's distinctive characteristics. This has resulted in among others joint agreements on security, sanitation, energy purchase and personnel transport. You work in Etten-Leur and Etten-Leur works for you.


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