Ile Perseverance, Seychelles, Africa
Year2002latitude: -4° 36'
longitude: 55° 27'
Initiator(s)China State Quindao and China Shenyang
Planning organization
Nationality initiator(s)Chinese
Designer(s) / Architect(s)
Design organization
Target population10,000
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The decision to build a new urban settlement on a reclaimed island is the response to the need to limit urban sprawl in the region of Mahe. Actually almost 90% of Seychelles population is concentrated in the largest island of Mahe: only 155 km2 to house around 74.000 people. Moreover the most of houses, industries, business activities and administrative buildings are located in a narrow costal belt, the only area suitable for construction.
In the last 20 years due to population increase and economic development the pressure for more land has been taking critical proportions and in 2002 the government was forced to find a permanent solution.
The principles that the Government of Seychelles put at the basis of the planning activity are: affordability, social inclusion to avoid the marginalization often linked with the idea of affordable housing, high quality of life intended as a full range of accessible public services, a good design quality, respect of the natural environment through energy and water saving devices , solar water heating ,natural ventilation and other measures which reduce the waste of resources.
The construction was expected to be completed in 2012, but even if the first inhabitants moved to Ile Perseverance in 2011, the process has not yet reached the final phase, risking the discontent among the population, especially for what concerns the proper functioning of public services.

source: INTI

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