Mustamäe, Estonia, Europe
Year1962latitude: 59° 24'
longitude: 24° 40'
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New rise of Mustamae
source: s/new-rise-of-mustamae-wh ere-construction-output-i s-expected-to-grow

source: https://commons.wikimedia .org/wiki/File:Mustamae_S opruse_pst_Busstop.jpeg

Construction of apartment buildings in Mustamäe 5th micro district. View e. Vilde road. Pictured in Tallinn 37. High school from the street.
source: 40316/construction-of-apa rtment-buildings-in-musta mae/

Mustamäe (Estonian for Black Hill) is one of the 8 administrative districts (Estonian: linnaosa) of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. The smallest by area (it covers only 8.1 km²), it is at the same time the second largest district by population with 67,801 inhabitants (2022). It is located 5 km from the centre of Tallinn and is bordered by districts Haabersti, Nõmme, and Kristiine. Local housing is mostly represented by 5–9 storeys high panel blocks of flats, built in the 1960–1970s.
"Established in 1962 and completed in 1973 as a microdistrict, Mustamäe was Tallinn's first large district. Similar districts, Õismäe and Lasnamäe were completed later."
"Mustamäe covers 8.1 km² and is located 5 km from the centre of Tallinn. Mustamäe is bordered by the streets Tuuliku, Kadaka tee, Tildri, Siili, Nõmme tee, Retke tee, Ehitajate tee, Üliõpilaste tee, Raja, Soone, Lossi, Mäepealse, Kadaka puiestee, Järveotsa tee. Mustamäe is bordered by Nõmme hill (part of the Baltic Klint) in the south and Tallinn Zoo in northwest."


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