Peterlee, United Kingdom, Europe
Year1948latitude: 54° 46'
longitude: -1° 19'
PeriodMark 1
Planning organizationDevelopment Corporation
Nationality initiator(s)U.K.
Designer(s) / Architect(s)
Design organization
Inhabitants20,000 (2011)
Target population30,000
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type of New Town: > scale of autonomy
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"Situated on what was the richest seam of the Durham coalfield, Peterlee was conceived to provide housing and a better living environment for the local scattered rural population and for colliery workers, and to provide a centre offering commercial, social and cultural facilities. Peterlee was named after a former colliery worker, Peter Lee, who later became a councillor campaigning for better living conditions for colliery workers. Burthold Lubetkin was originally appointed as architect-planner, but he resigned in 1950 following frustrated discussions with the National Coal Board. Located in the A19 corridor, today Peterlee is a town with a strong manufacturing base, constituting the third-largest market in County Durham. It is tightly constrained to the south, east and west."

"Aimed to provide homes and services for poor-quality and badly served settlements; to provide a recreational and commercial centre; and to develop a balanced community and provide employment for female workers and those not employed in the colliery."

source: Town & Country Planning Corporation (TCPA)

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