New Towns, Arrival Cities

As New Towns across Europe experience changing dynamics due to increasing migration of foreign workers, refugees, asylum seekers and international students, among others, “New Towns, Arrival Cities” approaches these cities as potential laboratories of inclusion and experimentation, asking whether they can revive the spirit of urban and social innovation of the early days of their foundation. The two-year project brought together European city representatives, researchers, students, local migrant communities and experts to engage in a series of intercultural events, organised as five “New Town Labs” in five cities: Milton Keynes (UK), Sabaudia (Italy), Grand Paris Sud (France), Vällingby (Sweden) and Nissewaard (The Netherlands). The programme, consisting of public activities such as site visits, seminars, workshops and conferences, was led by the Municipality of Nissewaard (Spijkenisse), coordinated by the International New Town Institute and funded by the EU (Europe for Citizens).

The results of the New Town Labs are summarized in this report, bring out the unique and complex set of issues faced by each city in question, largely stemming from variations in size, administrative organisation, founding principles and cultural backgrounds. Especially considering the sensitive and often controversial nature of the topic of migration, this project uses a number of different lenses to engage with the core values of each city and country explored: heritage, art and culture, public space, building a positive narrative, adapting the welfare state model, and government-resident relations.

report ’New Towns | Arrival Cities’
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