Ilyass Benkhattab

New Town: Spijkenisse, Netherlands
Organisation: Municipality Nissewaard

Ilyass is an urban designer working for the municipality of Spijkenisse. In his role, he is responsible for identifying opportunities in both urban and rural areas and draw up principles for further plan development. Over the past two years, he has gained experience in solving complex and multidisciplinary challenges.
After earning his bachelor’s degree in urban planning, Ilyass continued his career within the municipality, where he has further refined and applied his skills.
He is currently pursuing a master’s degree in urban and area development, which deepens his expertise and knowledge.

He believes that the power within his field of work lays in recognizing the value of existing heritage and valuable architecture and understanding the importance of integrating these elements into new urban plans. This approach creates a balance between renewal and preservation and contributes
to a unique and sustainable development of urban areas, particularly New Towns.