Nowa Huta
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Largely unknown as a tourist destination, Nowa Huta, Poland is filled with exciting discoveries just waiting to be made. For the intrepid traveler, this Communist New Town is both a blast from the past, and a bustling urban district. Take a driving lesson in a restored Trabant, wander into a Milk Bar straight out of 1950, or hit the dance floor in a new discotheque. Wherever you end up, you’ll find a city teeming with stories from the (anti-)Communist period as well as contemporary culture. For the architecture enthusiast, Nowa Huta is also one of the best examples of preserved Soviet Realism.
This is the first installment in a series of Alternative Travel Guides initiated by the International New Town Institute. We’ve done the research so you can enjoy these undiscovered and unloved New Towns—before the rest of the world finds them!

The New Town travel guides are part of a series issued by the International New Town Institute (INTI).

all participants of the lecture course (University of Amsterdam: Julius van Manen, Ilse Rooze, Inge Lubbersen, Celine op de Laak, Annemieke Tempelaars, Thijs Beemers, Isabel Brouwer, Benjamin Zuurendonk. TU Delft: Bastiaan Prickartz, Mike Emmerik, Jelle Paulusma, Arie Stobbe, Lisa Floor, Machiel Crielaard, Jurrian Arnold, Hans Smit, Isabela Ledo, Evelina Ozola. Other: Katharina Hagg)

Saskia Hulskes (INTI)

The Miracle of Nova Huta:
Joris van Casteren

Staff INTI:
Sophie van Ginneken, Michelle Provoost, Arnold Reijndorp

Sofia Anapliotis, Rachel Keeton, Saskia Hulskes

Graphic design:
Ewout Dorman, Gerard Hadders

International New Town Institute (INTI)

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participants and Hans van der Meer

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