Volume Magazine #34
City in a Box

Launch of Volume: City in a Box

Volume and INTI invite you to come and have a drink with us at the launch of the new issue, online documentation by tegenlicht.vpro.nl and a toast to the New Year! Come join us at Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum, Spui, Amsterdam on Friday, January 11, 2013 from 5pm until 7pm.

See facebook for more information about the launch.

The International New Town Institute (INTI) proudly presents the newest issue of Volume Magazine: “City is a Box”. INTI made this issue in collaboration with Volume, using our recent international conference "New Towns New Territories" as a starting point. “City in a Box” provides a unique insight into the new players in New Town development. With the exponential growth of urban populations, thousands of new towns and city extensions will be needed in the near future.

While governments are seemingly in retreat, the private sector has stepped in to fill the gap. Private-sector development is nothing new, but scale and ambition are on the rise. Single companies now vie to build entire cities, and package their services so that their product can be replicated elsewhere. To tackle this complexity – of building whole cities from scratch – new organizational models are being drafted, financial tools invented, and the dynamic between client, investor, developer, designer, builder, and end-user is fundamentally shifting. This issue of Volume puts this new phenomenon into perspective and shows the built results.

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