Conference participation January 2015
 Workshop at Tema Development Corporation, November 9, 2015
 Exhibition ‘The Banality of Good’ and seminar at Nubuke Foundation, November 8, 2015

Workshop at the Tema Development Corporation, with a.o. students of the Central University Tema and KNUST, Wouter Vanstiphout (TU Delft), Rients Dijkstra (TU Delft), Michelle Provoost (INTI), Immanuel Sirron-Kakpor (Sirron-Kakpor Architects), Jochem Schut (DHV), D.K. Osseo-Asaie (Low Design Office), Joe Abbey (TDC), Immanuel Adjeteh (TDC), TDC and Port Authority civil servants

Prof. Wouter Vanstiphout explains the exhibition The Banality of Good at the Nubuke Foundation to pupils of the nearby elementary school, November 10, 2016.