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Aspern Seestadt, Austria

Aspern Seestadt is literally a city of the future. In Vienna’s 22nd municipal district, the development agency Wien 3420 Aspern Development AG and a project management team of the City of Vienna orchestrate the construction of a new city, which will accommodate high-quality living environment for 20.000 people plus about the same number of workplaces. The developers aim to bridge the present and the future by combining work, home life, individuality, green space infrastructure, and public space from the ground up for the sake of the highest life quality possible. To accomplish this, the future vision, cohesive planning structure and room for technology is high on the agenda.

- Building a city for 20,000 inhabitants is one thing, getting people to live there is another. Who will live in Aspern Seestadt? The city must find ways to avoid creating a homogeneous population. And furthermore, how can businesses be motivated to locate there?”

- As the city is still under construction, the designers of Aspern Seestadt have been able to learn from the past experiences of other New Towns worldwide.

- Philipp Fleischmann

source: Google Earth

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