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Tatu City, Kenya

Tatu City is a 2,500-acre (1,000 hectare), mixed-use and mixed-income development with residential, commercial, industrial, tourism, social and recreation amenities for more than 100,000 residents and 30,000 visitors daily. The city is one of the few planned urban communities in Africa geared towards attracting the rising middle class and new international business. Exactly because of that, Tatu City will be represented on the International New Town Day. A vision is never fully complete unless it anticipates to future developments and the wider context. Therefore, Preston Mendenhall notes, “the development is always eager to adopt best practices and experience on an international level.”

Ambitions and Opportunities:
- The developers of Tatu City aim to shift urban development in Kenya from the familiar single node model to a decentralized urban environment.
- If successful, Tatu will significantly de-congest the City of Nairobi by offering a unique live, work and play environment.

- Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, is unable to absorb the pressures of rapid urbanization with timely infrastructure upgrades.
- The country suffers from a housing deficit of more than two million units, and this number grows by 200,000 units every year.
- Nairobi has a critical need for visionary planning that eases the burden of urbanization on the city center.

- Preston Mendenhall, Head of Corporate Affairs, Rendeavour

International New Town Day
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