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Vinge, Denmark
Courtesy of EFFEKT + Henning Larsen Architects

Like Aspern Seestadt, Vinge is a city under construction. Within 10 to 15 years, about 20.000 citizens will live and work in what is currently a lush Greenfield. Vinge’s developers strife to build a city in which biodiversity, livability and sustainability come together. Residents are given unprecedented freedom to experiment with heat and energy production and sustainability platforms. The first parts of the city are designed and built by the municipality in order to set a high quality standard for the phases that follow, when private commercial parties take over. Nonetheless, the actual residents are never far behind: Vinge’s developers aim to recognize and fulfill the desire of people to be part of the creation of their surroundings.

- Though the government will first facilitate the construction of social housing complexes in VInge, it is not guaranteed that the commercial parties that follow will provide for lower segments of society in the same way

- Vinge will cater for a large, upper class segment of (Danish) population, which has an interest in sustainability, natural surroundings and new family structures (house shares, single-parent families etc).
- Residents are free in designing their own house but social space is taken care of into the details, which provides residents with both structure and individuality

- Søren Schmidt

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