Milton Keynes
United Kingdom

Street scene in the new town estate of Netherfield, Milton Keynes, 1970s

Milton Keynes, like many new towns and cities, is at a crossroads in its short but important history. Renowned and studied internationally for its ‘grid and green’ masterplan, this design is now, at the same time, recognised for its significant heritage and new city future application. This project will help highlight how this in-built design for green spaces, wildlife and biodiversity must be safeguarded and should actively be used to meet the green challenges of the future.

In June 2022, Milton Keynes became one of eight cities to attain City Status from Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as part of Her Platinum Jubilee celebrations. This has provided an opportunity to review and refresh plans and policies for this ‘New City’ status including development of a refreshed Cultural and Creative Strategy and development of a new Tourism Strategy for Spring 2024.

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