Joris Vermeiren

New Town: Rotterdam, Netherlands
Organisation: Municipality Rotterdam

Area senior landscape - Charlois, Hoogvliet and IJsselmonde

Rotterdam, celebrated for its post-war reconstruction and innovative urban planning, especially in the development of garden cities, is poised to be a leading mentor city in the "New Towns, New Narratives" program. With a membership in the INTI network, Rotterdam has already committed to sharing its wealth of knowledge and expertise with other European cities. At the forefront of this mentorship role is Joris Vermeiren, a Senior Landscape Architect for Rotterdam’s Southern Garden Suburbs. Vermeiren’s dedication to transforming urban areas through innovative, pedestrian- and cyclist-focused landscape design aligns perfectly with the program’s goals. His strategic and inclusive approach, emphasizing collaboration and addressing diverse stakeholder needs, is evident in his leadership of the revitalization efforts around Zuidplein Shopping Center and Rotterdam Ahoy Convention Center.