Municipality Rotterdam

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Representatives: Joris Vermeiren

By participating in the "New Towns, New Narratives" program, Rotterdam not only shares its expertise but also strengthens its reputation as a leader in sustainable and resilient city-building. Joris Vermeiren’s active involvement ensures that this mentorship is both practical and impactful, solidifying Rotterdam’s position as a model for innovative urban development in Europe.

Overcoming Challenges: Rotterdam’s experience in tackling sustainability, social cohesion, and economic viability issues provides a valuable blueprint for new towns. Vermeiren’s hands-on experience can offer specific insights and solutions to these challenges.

Innovative Approaches: Rotterdam’s commitment to nature-based solutions, circular economy principles, and participatory planning resonates with the program’s emphasis on sustainable and resilient development. Vermeiren’s expertise in these areas is a valuable resource for participating cities.

Knowledge Exchange: Rotterdam’s participation as a Mentor Town in the "New Towns, New Narratives" program emphasizes knowledge exchange and mutual learning. Vermeiren’s involvement ensures that this exchange is grounded in practical experience and focused on tangible results.