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New cities are fertile grounds for innovation and the invention of new solutions to social, economic and climatic challenges. They are pioneering cities, exploring progressive approaches to planning, participation, inclusiveness and sustainability.

‘Doing New Towns Better’ shows how cities worldwide are working to improve the quality of life for their residents and facilitates the exchange of great ideas and experiences.

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Urban Agriculture provides 95% of vegetables

Alamar (Cuba) has become known worldwide for its large plantations in the centre of the city, which provide for 95% of all vegetables consumed in Alamar, while bringing social cohesion for the communities.

A neighbourhood of 15.000 houses completely developed by its residents

Under the motto People make the City, Almere, The Netherlands, is experimenting with a complete reversal of roles in which the city is expanded not by top down plans but by the actions of its citizens.

Effective and inclusive waste recycling campaigns

In exchange for four kilo recyclables, citizens receive one kilo vegetables; that’s Curitiba’s innovative ’green exchange’ program managing the waste in the city and promoting health food consumption at the same time

Different by design, using culture and diversity

An International New Town known for its distinctive arts, heritage and culture enabling ‘home grown’ cultural organisations to develop and deliver the step-change from within. Milton Keynes, UK, is showing how migration has been a strength for its socio-cultural and economic development and will continue to be so.

Plan for flexibility

Laying the foundations for a naturally evolving city is the aim of Accras New New Town extension Ningo Prampram, Ghana. This way the city wants to account for flexibility and avoid being one step behind urbanization.

Regeneration through Integration

A unique and integrative masterplan in Shenzhen creates a creative gateway to and from Hongkong and regenerates the urban landscape of the city.

Creating an attractive city centre

In Spijkenisse, The Netherlands, a large-scale investment in the reinforcement of social and cultural structures and the renewal of the built environment has transformed the city centre into the ‘living room’ of the New Town.

Inclusive employment policies for a resilient society

With the ambition to manage the integration of new arrivals, the New Town of Vantaa strengthens civic engagement and fosters the social cohesion, while building on the main principles of equity and equality.

Biodiversity, liveability and sustainability come together

A large New Town project in Denmark, Vinge, combines nature and technology, thereby creating homes in a liveable and sustainable environment.