Local partners and international delegates (photo by Sas Amoah)

Discussion at Anouar Kassim’s presentation (photo by Sas Amoah)

Anouar Kassim presenting the work of the Milton Keynes Islamic Arts and Culture Organization (photo by Sas Amoah)

MK neighbourhood of Netherfields in the 1970s (aerial)

MK neighbourhood of Netherfields in the 1970s (street)

The Local Centre, Netherfield (photo by Isabel Potworowski)

Delegates at the Local Centre, Netherfield (photo by Sas Amoah)

Netherfield (photo by Isabel Potworowski)

Visit to a courtyard house in Netherfield, led by local architect Simon Jackson (photo by Sas Amoah)

Alley between courtyard houses, Netherfield (photo by Isabel Potworowski)

Netherfield (photo by Sas Amoah)

Project leader Viviana Rubbo with Italian partners Dunia Mittner and Sebastiano Roveroni (photo by Sas Amoah)

Artist Jessica Rost presenting her work at the Festive Road workshop in Kiln Farm (photo by Isabel Potworowski)

INTI partner Michelle Provoost with Nissewaard delegate Misko Papac during the day 2 panel discussions (photo by Isabel Potworowski)

Milton Keynes market, with the modernist Town Centre behind (photo by Marit Geluk)

Local shop owner (photo by Marit Geluk)

Milton Keynes station (photo by Marit Geluk)

Pedestrian underpass with a homeless person’s tent (photo by Marit Geluk)

Avebury Boulevard (photo by Marit Geluk)