New Town Lab Milton Keynes
November 23 – Seminar Day

Introduction by Francesca Skelton (Chair of the MK Arts and Heritage Alliance, Moderator for the day)

Introduction by Liz Grifford (Cabinet Member for Place)

Part one: Beginnings

‘Europe for Citizens Project Overview’, presented by Michelle Provoost (Director of the International New Town Institute)

‘Towards 2050 - Milton Keynes: The Cultured and Creative City’, presented by Shane Downer (MK Heritage Officer)

Keynote Presentation: ‘Does a more diverse new city mean a more unsettled city? Milton Keynes since 2000’, presented by Professor Mark Clapson (University of Westminster)

Panel Discussion. Participants: Michelle Provoost, Shane Downer, Mark Clapson, Liz Grifford

Part Two: The Makings of Milton Keynes

‘A City Designed for Migration?’, presented by Will Cousins (Chair of MK Gallery)

‘Personal Stories: Creating the Cultural Ambassadors of the future’, presented by the students of the MK Academy. Introduction by Deborah Gockelen (Director of Business and Enterprise)

‘Reaching newcomers, migrants & refugees through Culture’, presented by Mike Kasibo (Chair and Founder of the Global Outreach Foundation)

Panel Discussion - Participants: Will Cousins, Deborah Gockelen and MK Academy students, Mike Kasibo, Rosaline Stafford (Director of Global Outreach Foundation Milton Keynes - GOF:MK)

Part Three: Placemaking and City Identity

‘Different by Design: Milton Keynes the European Capital of Culture 2023? The role of Identity and Diversity in the draft 2023 Programme’, presented by Fiona Boundy (Public Art Officer, Milton Keynes Council)

‘Plan: MK – building culture and identity into the next Local Plan’, presented by Mike Moore (Senior Planning, Milton Keynes Council)

‘The significance of Milton Keynes’s Design Unique Selling Point – The New Town Heritage Register’, presented by Simon Peart (Conservation and Archaeology Manager, Milton Keynes Council)

‘When New Towns are no longer new, Migration, Identity and Regeneration of the original New Town area’, presented by David Gleeson (Managing Director of Your:MK)

Panel Discussion and conclusion. Participants: Simon Peart, Mike Moore, David Gleeson, Roger Kitchen (Founder of Living Archive), Anouar Kassim (Founder of MK Islamic Arts Heritage and Culture / Community Connects UK), Shane Downer.