Workshop areas and themes

During the workshop on May 17, we will analyze five open spaces in Bella Farnia and propose concrete strategies for making them work better as places of integration, focussing on a given theme for each location: the square, the park, the playground, the market and the hub.

The square
a central meeting place
The original design of Bella Farnia included plans for a central open space for the residents and children. However, this project was never realised, leaving the space itself incomplete and the overall neighbourhood without a central gathering place.

The park
green spaces for collectivity
Bella Farnia has many open spaces. However, none of these are designed as public parks; there are only private or ambiguous green areas.

The playground
space of play as place of socialization
The football field and surrounding green areas are a potential case study for developing recreational spaces.

The market
market as place of exchange of commerce and culture
A covered market and supermarket were planned in the northern part of the residential estate, but were never realised. The empty area could become a daily or temporary market.

The hub
space of connection as place of relations
The empty area along the main road traversing Bella Farnia could become a transportation hub connecting the area with Sabaudia and other villages.