Claudio Leone (Head of Productive Activities and of the Europe Desk, Municipality of Sabaudia)
Claudio Leone is trained as an architect. He joined the municipality of Sabaudia in 2011 as Head of the spatial and regional planning department. He was subsequently appointed as Head of the Urban Planning of private and public building regulations with special duty on unauthorized developments. Since January 2018, Claudio is Head of Sector VIII (productive activities) and of the Europe desk.
Before working for the municipality of Sabaudia, he worked in public administration for the municipalities of Ardea, Pomezia and Nettuna. He started his career at the provincial administration of Latina from 1978 to 2002.

Michelle Provoost (Director of the International New Town Institute)

Dr. Michelle Provoost is an architectural historian specialised in urban planning history, postwar architecture and contemporary urban development. She co-founded the office of Crimson Architectural Historians in 1994, and has been the Director of the International New Town Institute (INTI) in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, since 2008. Under her direction, INTI has grown into an internationally known center for education and research relating to New Towns.

Dr. Provoost is the head editor of the INTI publications. She teaches at various universities in the Netherlands and abroad and continues to be in great demand as a public speaker. She lectures regularly throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and the United States, and has been involved in many municipal, national and private committees and juries.

Dunia Mittner (Assistant Professor of Urban Planning at the University of Padua)
Dunia Mittner is Assistant Professor of Urban Planning at the University of Padua, Italy.
For several years, she has been working on the topic of new towns built world-wide since the beginning of the Twentieth century, writing several essays and three books: “New towns from the Twentieth century” (Testo&immagine, Turin-Italy, 2003), “The Reticular City and the Modern Project” (Città Studi, Milan-Italy, 2008) and “New Towns: An Investigation on Urbanism” (Jovis, Berlin 2018).

Paolo Cassola (Director of the Circeo National Park)
Paolo Cassola is the director of the Circeo National Park. He is also a teacher, lecturer and consultant for regional authorities, public and private institutions in Italy and abroad. His primary involvements are environmental protection, sustainable integrated planning, coordination and marketing of projects for the protection of rural communities, and the enhancement of local agricultural production and sustainable tourism. He has also co-founded several local development projects. Paolo is a consultant for international community development activities: the “Habana Ecopolis” project in Havana (Cuba), and a water management project in the rural municipalities of the Hodh El Chargui region (Mauritania) for the benefit of the rural population and the development of micro-enterprises. His role also includes the training and communication advice on strategies, actions and practices and European funds. He is writer, journalist freelance and consultant for the WWF delegation in Tuscany.

Mariana Zannella (Director of the scientific high school "G. Marconi")
Miriana Zannella is the Director of the scientific high school "G. Marconi" and teaches Italian and literature. She has many years’ experience in teaching and training seminars about social inclusion and the role of education in the welcoming and acceptance of diversity.

Dhillon Karamajit Singh (President of the Gurdwara Sikh Centre in Sabaudia)
Dhillon Karamajit Singh is the founder the Gurdwara Sikh Centre in Sabaudia. He is also President of the Italian Indian party since 2005, and President of the National Federation of Kabaddi (the national sport of India) since 2009. Dhillon immigrated to Italy in 1985 after obtaining a diploma in business economics at the Guri Nanak University in Amristar, and moved to Sabaudia in 1996, where he runs his own business. He obtained a degree in accounting in 2009, and has worked for the court in Latina as auxiliary. Today, he collaborates with the City Council and with schools to support the integration of the Sikh community.

Piero Rossi (Head of the Quality of Life sector of the Municipality of Sabaudia)
For several years, he has been working as a social worker for the Municipality of Sabaudia. Since 2013 Piero is Head of the Social and Healthcare Services Sector and since last year he is Head of the Sector called "Quality of Life". Within this role, he is coordinator for Welfare, Health, Housing, Public Education, Library and Museum. He is also the technical representative of the office in charge of the Social Health District Plan "Latina 2".