Videos of speaker presentations

New Town Lab Sabaudia Conference
May 17 - Public event
Location - Sabaudia Centro di Documentazione "A. Mazzoni"

Introduction by Dr. Arch. Claudio Leone, Head of Productive Activities dep. (moderator)

Welcome by:
Mayor of Sabaudia, lawyer Giada Gervasi;
Vice Mayor Mr. Alessio Sartori, Alderman Sport and Associations world;
Alderman Finance and Europe desk Dr. Giampiero Macale;
Alderman Productive Activities Dr. Fabiana Marangoni;
Indian Ambassador Reenat Sandhu;
Prefect Dr. Giovanna Maria Rita Iurato, Directorate of Religious Affairs, Ministry of the Interior
Prefect of Latina, Dr. Maria Rita Trio

"New Towns, Arrival Cities" project goals and ambitions
Presented by Dr. Michelle Provoost (INTI Executive Director)

"Re-planning collective spaces within a polycentric city"
Presented by Dr. Dunia Mittner

"The sustainability of new inclusive spaces"
Presented by Gaetano Benedetto (President of the Circeo National Park)

“The school as a place of welcome, aggregation and main actor in the formation of a spirit of solidarity"
Presented by Prof. Miriana Zannella (Director of the scientific high school "G. Marconi")

"Arrivals in Sabaudia and daily life from the migrant perspective”
Presented by Mr. Karamajit Singh (Representative of the Indian community)

"Sociological aspects of the immigration process in the territory of Sabaudia"
Presented by Dr. Piero Rossi, Head of the Quality of Life sector of the Municipality of Sabaudia

Presentation of the results of the workshops

Plenary discussion with panel of international partners
International partners will be asked to give practical recommendations about how to turn ambitions into practice, including policy, participation and design aspects. Moderation by Michelle Provoost, INTI Director.