The upcoming New Town Lab in Sabaudia will take place from the afternoon of May 16th until the evening of May 17th and will focus on public spaces as places of integration. (How) can public space play a role in accommodating the needs and desires of the multifaceted and diverse population of Sabaudia?

Five locations in the city will be explored by the students from the University of Padua. They have already begun studying how collective spaces – piazzas, parks, markets and public transport hubs – can contribute to making our contemporary cities more inclusive and socially and culturally cohesive. The five case studies are located in the Bella Farnia estate, 7km outside the centre. This coastal estate consists mainly of holiday houses, small villas and residences which today are partially used to accommodate the migrant community. Two distinct groups co-exist: the Italian middle class and a Punjab (Indian) Sikh community that works in the municipal territory’s many greenhouses.

The students’ studies in Bella Farnia will provide a basis for discussion during the lab.

Day 1: Wednesday May 16

(Site visits, open to project partners only)

13.30 - 13.45 International delegates meet in Fiumicino Airport. Transport to Sabaudia by bus.

15.30 Check-in hotel

16.00 Introduction
(Location - Sabaudia Centro di Documentazione "A. Mazzoni")
Welcome by Dr. Arch. Claudio Leone, Head of Sector VIII AA.PP. - S.U.A.P. - Europa Desk. Brief introduction on the foundation of the City of Sabaudia and its urban development by Dr. Arch. Luca Falzarano on the theme "Major reclamation works and new arrivals: migratory flows in the territory of Sabaudia, the creation of the city center and the rural villages”.

16.20 "Gellerup: From disadvantaged area to attractive city district"
Presented by Tom Nielsen (Aarhus School of Architecture) and Sara Allermann Kruse (City of Aarhus)

17.00 Tour of the city centre
Visit to the city center with particular attention to the rationalist aspects of the original buildings, the institutional functions they had in the past and their present role. The tour will be guided by Prof. Dunia Mittner.

18.30 Tour of Bella Farnia
The group leaves by bus for Bella Farnia. On the way, participants will see the agricultural lands and the greenhouses, which are the economic pillars in the area and the reasons for the intense migration flows to the region. The tour will end in the small Bella Farnia settlement, 7km from Sabaudia’s centre, where most of the Punjab migrants live. Bella Farnia was built in the late 1970s as a tourist and summer destination for the Italian middle class from the metropolitan areas of Naples and Rome. Today, part of the estate has been rented by the migrant agricultural workers. The visit to Bella Farnia also includes the five locations that will be the object of the workshop the following day. Locals and/or the students themselves will give a brief introduction to the specific sites.

19:30 Dinner at the Sikh Temple
Arrival at the Sikh Temple at Via Caporale Tortini, the religious center and gathering place of the Punjab community, where dinner will be served (kindly offered by the Sikh community).

21.30 Return to the hotel by bus.

Day 2: Thursday May 17 - Public event

(Conference and workshops)
(Location - Sabaudia Centro di Documentazione "A. Mazzoni")

9.00 Introduction by Dr. Arch. Claudio Leone, Head of Productive Activities dep. (moderator)

Welcome by:
Mayor of Sabaudia, lawyer Giada Gervasi;
Vice Mayor Mr. Alessio Sartori, Alderman Sport and Associations world;
Alderman Finance and Europe desk Dr. Giampiero Macale;
Alderman Productive Activities Dr. Fabiana Marangoni;
Indian Ambassador Reenat Sandhu;
Prefect Dr. Giovanna Maria Rita Iurato, Directorate of Religious Affairs, Ministry of the Interior
Prefect of Latina, Dr. Maria Rita Trio

9.20 Introduction to the theme of the Lab by Dr. Arch. Claudio Leone

9.35 "New Towns, Arrival Cities" project goals and ambitions
Presented by Dr. Michelle Provoost (INTI Executive Director)

9.50 "Re-planning collective spaces within a polycentric city"
Presented by Dr. Dunia Mittner

10.10 "The sustainability of new inclusive spaces"
Presented by Dr. Paolo Cassola (Director of the organization Parco Nazionale del Circeo)

10.35 coffee break

11.00 “The school as a place of welcome, aggregation and main actor in the formation of a spirit of solidarity"
Presented by Prof. Miriana Zannella (Director of the scientific high school "G. Marconi")

11.20 "Arrivals in Sabaudia and daily life from the migrant perspective”
Presented by Mr. Karamajit Singh (Representative of the Indian community)

11.40 "Sociological aspects of the immigration process in the territory of Sabaudia"
Presented by Dr. Piero Rossi, Head of the Quality of Life sector of the Municipality of Sabaudia

12.00 Q&A from the public, concluding remarks by the moderator and presentation of the afternoon workshop sessions

12.30 Prof. Dunia Mittner presents her recently published book "New Towns: An Investigation on Urbanism"

Presentations finish at 12.45 and conference continues with the workshop at 15.00

15.00 - 17.00 Workshop sessions
The aim of the workshop sessions is to involve international delegates and local residents in identifying concrete strategies for making Sabaudia’s public spaces more inclusive. Delegates and residents will be organized into 4-5 groups and assigned one public space. Each group will be formed by a maximum of 20 people and will include local high school students, policy-makers, professors, international partners, local community members and architects/planners. During the workshops, the students from Padua will present their work. There will be one moderator for each group.

Within each group, the workshop will proceed as follows:

  1. Introduction to the site by the students from Padua
  2. Discussion about the needs and aspirations.
  3. From your expertise and professional group, what kinds of improvements do you propose? What are the priorities?
  4. Together define 4 concrete action points for implementation in the public spaces. This proposal will be presented in the conclusive plenary session.

17.00 Presentation of the results of the workshops

17.30 Plenary discussion with panel of international partners
International partners will be asked to give practical recommendations about how to turn ambitions into practice, including policy, participation and design aspects. Moderation by Michelle Provoost, INTI Director.

18.00 Summary and conclusion by Claudio Leone

18.05 - 18.30 Representatives from the five delegations are invited to remain in the Documentation Centre for the steering group meeting

21.00 Dinner (for project partners only)

Friday May 18

A bus to Fiumicino Airport for the international delegates will depart from the hotel at 9:00

Workshop areas and themes
Lab Conclusions
Sabaudia report
Videos of speaker presentations

Interested in joining the public event on May 17? Please let us know by sending an email to

A glimpse of Sabaudia’s Sikh community: a video of the Bhangra Brothers dancing in the Circeo National Park, filmed by Patrizia Santangeli.